Healthy Reinforcement

The Negotiation Strategy

March 08, 2019
Parents need strategies to dismantle power struggles. Today's podcast focuses on The Negotiation Strategy.   An advanced...

The Petty Versus Purposeful Strategy

March 08, 2019
Kids need a strategy for arguments.  Parents can give their kids a strategy by having them classify arguments into petty...

I Make A Lot of Mistakes

February 08, 2019
This podcast gets at the essential gold we want in our family.  We want to reap humility by sowing humility.  

The Triple D Strategy for Manipulation as You Address the Original Problem

January 23, 2019
The Triple D Strategy is useful when you are facing Manipulation as you try to problem solve and address some issue.  All...

​The Parenting Doctors Talk Power Struggles: Eggs and Pepper, Anyone?

December 28, 2017
Symptoms: We have all been there. It started out so innocuously. It was a peaceful morning, the birds chirping, a cup of...
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