5 Back to School Parenting Strategies

5 Back to School Parenting Strategies


1. Take time to have conversations about how your children can be friendly. One of the best ways to address “back to school jitters” is help your children develop a mindset of looking out for others, encourage, support, and being a good friend. This takes the focus off being worried about what other kids are thinking about them.

2. Help kids to approach each day like a GRATITUDE HUNT. The goal of the activity is to find things that they are grateful for. A family can have a family journal that sits in the middle of the family room table. At dinner, family members write down highlights that happen during the day. At the end of the week, a celebration includes reading the week’s highlights from the Gratitude Journal.

3. Consider the value of Nutrition. Our bodies crave what we have given to them. If our bodies have been fed sugar, that’s what we will crave. As parents, we try to make eating healthy fun but at first, kids may not buy into the “Fun” of eating blueberries instead of potato chips or skittles. But, if you can hang in there as a parent and continue to give healthy food options, children’s tastes will change and they will begin to crave those healthy foods.

4. Reignite your child’s imagination. There are a lot of adventures to be had in life. Make it a goal that each week your family will experience something new together. Not a new movie or a new video game, but a new experience that you can all share. This can be as simple as buying a fruit that nobody in the family has eaten before like dragon fruit, or going to a new park or bringing dragon fruit to a neighbor.

5. Consider the positives in valuing conflict in the family. Now is the time to recognize that your children and teenagers will be incorporating new ideas into their worldview. Set up expectations that all ideas will be listened to, even if the parent will need to make the final decision. When listening to these ideas, try to listen in an open manner. Try to maintain neutral facial expressions even if you disagree.

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