Behavior & Sibling Rivalry

The Petty Versus Purposeful Strategy

March 08, 2019
Kids need a strategy for arguments.  Parents can give their kids a strategy by having them classify arguments into petty...

The Triple D Strategy for Manipulation as You Address the Original Problem

January 23, 2019
The Triple D Strategy is useful when you are facing Manipulation as you try to problem solve and address some issue.  All...

10 Keys to Confidence in Kids

December 06, 2018
Dr. van Ingen reveals the top 10 Keys to Building Confidence in Kids. We don’t want to let circumstances dictate our...

Stop Pathologizing Childhood and Teach Kids Behaviors Are Choices

December 06, 2018
Pathologizing childhood happens all of the time: “My kid is so oppositional,” “she is so bipolar, when she...

Correcting passive aggressive behavior

March 28, 2018
Your Prescription for Passive Aggressive Children A Lesson from Horton: I Meant What I Said and I Said What I Meant...
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