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Building Optimism In Teenagers

April 05, 2019
We can help teens see setbacks and disappointments not as permanent, but temporary, not as pervasive, but specific, and not as...

Mindfulness Skills For Teenagers

April 05, 2019
Research shows that our attention is on something other than what we are doing 1/2 of our awake time.  We live in a...

The Negotiation Strategy

March 08, 2019
Parents need strategies to dismantle power struggles. Today's podcast focuses on The Negotiation Strategy.   An advanced...

The Petty Versus Purposeful Strategy

March 08, 2019
Kids need a strategy for arguments.  Parents can give their kids a strategy by having them classify arguments into petty...

I Make A Lot of Mistakes

February 08, 2019
This podcast gets at the essential gold we want in our family.  We want to reap humility by sowing humility.  

Parenting Doctors Live with Drs Daniel & Sarah van Ingen

December 06, 2018
Our first show together covers key topics for children, tweens, and teens. Dr. Sarah van Ingen, professor, international...

Family Recommendations for Social Media

December 05, 2018
Dr. Daniel van Ingen of Parenting Doctors discusses the changes in family culture, particularly since 2012. Social media has...

Allowing Disagreement

December 03, 2018

Healthy Eating

November 15, 2018
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus turpis mi, vehicula et cursus ac, pellentesque sed dui....

5 Back to School Parenting Strategies

August 13, 2018
​ BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS 1. Take time to have conversations about how your children can be friendly. One of the best ways to...
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