Meet the Doctors

Dr. Daniel van Ingen

Daniel van Ingen, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. He has worked with a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, substance abuse, and relationship problems for all age spans.

Dr. van Ingen has worked with youth in sports psychology, performance anxiety, and blocking. He has worked for many years as a youth sports coach in basketball, baseball, and soccer helping youth with goal setting, intrinsic motivation, and having fun for the love and joy of the game. His enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Professionally, his research areas are in anxiety, disabilities, and parenting. He is author of Anxiety Disorders Made Simple: Treatment Approaches to Overcome Fear and Build Resiliency. His new book You Are Your Child's Best Psychologist: 7 Keys to Parenting Excellence is in press. For more information on his practice, visit or listen to his weekly parenting podcast.

Call Dr. Dan at 612-501-5358 to inquire about his private practice.

Dr. Sarah van Ingen

Sarah van Ingen, Ph.D. is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at the University of South Florida, Tampa Campus. There she teaches Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral courses related to teacher preparation and mathematics education. Sarah has a flourishing research agenda, is widely published in her fields, and regularly presents at national and international conferences.

Sarah believes in the intrinsic brilliance and talent of each child, and she believes teachers (and parents!) can draw these strengths out of every child. Her love for learning is contagious! She is co-author of a new book on teaching math to students who have struggled in this area in the past. Look for Teaching Mathematica Meaningfully- coming soon!

When not working with teachers, Sarah can be found playing light saber battles, driving to soccer (or gymnastics or basketball or baseball or to the grocery store), doing tai chi, or reading that one page of a novel before dozing off to sleep at night.

For more on Sarah, see

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